The Theatre of Bullshit

Grab your season pass and make sure you have good life insurance, this is gonna get messy

And another thing…

Whenever I try and correct something wrong my 9 year old brother says that is wrong (i.e. “The sky is blue because it reflects the ocean”) I get told to ‘stop arguing with your little brother, he’s only 9!’.
Well excuse fucking me! Just because I want him to grow up, you know, with some intelligence, makes me the bad guy? Just because I had to teach myself all this shit, doesn’t mean I want him to have to. And this belittling I get any time I correct him makes it seem to him like I’m wrong, ergo making him ignore me when I offer invaluable advice.
I might not be the most popular, or the best looking guy, but god-fucking-damnit, I know what I’m talking about.